What is the impact that policies against “fake news” have on democracy and rule of law?

Author: Hugo Rossi Figueirôa


This article intends to investigate the impact that public policies to combat “fake news” have on the democratic regime and the rule of law. With the exponential growth in the number of people who have access to the world wide web, the internet has become the main environment where the right to freedom of expression is exercised. In this sense, the information market, vital for democracy, began to have increasingly lower entry barriers for new players. The impact of those changes should not be underestimated or taken lightly. Therefore, this work intends to evaluate the regulation of freedom of expression in virtual environments as a fundamental issue within the contemporary exercise of democratic citizenship.
In this way, it is intended to narrow the theme to address the debate on the mass spreading of misinformation into society through the internet. The ease with which information, whether true or not, is published and spread brings relevant challenges that democracies are finding difficult to absorb. This issue has been at the center of public debate in recent decades and different decisions have been taken to confront the situation. In this sense, it is important to assess their impact on its objective of promoting a better democratic environment. The sources used for this purpose are the relevant decisions taken on the subject on international and domestic Courts, public perception on newspapers and the views of the specialized doctrine.


Rule of Law, Democracy, Fake News

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Hugo Rossi Figueirôa, (2021), What is the impact that policies against “fake news” have on democracy and rule
of law?, Europuls Policy Journal, 1:1, p. 90-102



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