Ethnic Profiling by the Police in France

Author: Nicoleta Mirza


The policy paper addresses, as the title suggests, ethnic profiling by the police in France. The paper contains an introduction to the topic and discusses the term “ethnic profiling” by citing definitions provided by international bodies. Furthermore, the policy paper includes an overview of the legal framework both on an international and national level. A separate chapter outlines police practice in terms of ethnic profiling. This chapter is significant as it illustrates the discriminatory police actions towards ethnic minorities. The paper concludes by highlighting the impact of ethnic profiling and by providing a set of recommendations to alleviate the issue.


Ethnic Profiling, Police, France, Discrimination.

To cite this article:

Nicoleta Mirza (2021), Ethnic Profiling by the Police in France, Europuls Policy Journal, 1:1, p. 82-89



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