ALAS, I MUST BID YOU ADIEU – Understanding coal phase-out strategies in the European Union from Romania’s perspective

Author: Vlad Surdea-Hernea


This paper analyses the different strategies employed by EU member states regarding the upcoming coal phase-out. The main perspective adopted is that of Romania as a laggard state in this process, trying to see whether the experience of other states such as Germany or Poland could be used to better optimise the internal phase-out strategy. By following historical trends, as well as the mainstream economic logic of the energy transition, this paper shows that while Romania would be able to implement a coal phase-out in the near future, the process would need to be co-created with all the involved stakeholders, from trade unions to representatives of the new renewable industries.


coal phase-out, climate change, European Green Deal, energy policy

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Vlad Surdea-Hernea (2021), ALAS, I MUST BID YOU ADIEU: Understanding coal phase-out strategies in the
European Union from Romania’s perspective, Europuls Policy Journal, 1:1, p. 103-117



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